Pop and Go Knickers was invented by Aurora Tyas initially as an aid for adventurous travelling women.Pop and Go Healthcare

Aurora quickly realised that as well as helping those on extended travel and adventure trips, her underwear could also be a crucial living aid for those women affected by mobility issues.

Pop & Go knickers are real underwear, not disposable. It was important to Aurora that her underwear would last a long time and be more environmentally friendly than disposable underwear.

The clever fastening mechanism is easy to use and can help maintain the dignity of those affected by osteoporosis, osteoarthritis as well as people recovering from surgery such as hip replacements.

Our mission is to improve people’s lives, helping women everywhere maintain their dignity and have their own adventures!



Pop & Go Knickers - Dragons Den

Aurora was proud to present her invention on the BBC to the famous dragons of Dragons’ Den. Whilst she didn’t get the investment, it was a fantastic experience and helped her to further focus on bringing her innovative product to those who need it.